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Getting Started & The Treatment Process

Typically, the process begins with a brief phone call.  We will discuss your interest in services and schedule an initial appointment.  The first appointment is 60 minutes, which is longer than a regular session.  During the initial visit and over the course of the first few sessions, we will thoroughly review your current symptoms, life circumstances, and history.  We will also talk about your treatment goals and collaboratively develop a plan that will guide our work together.  Referral information will be provided for any additional services (e.g., medication management, group therapy) that we agree could benefit you and help you achieve your treatment goals.


Throughout the course of treatment, we will continuously monitor your symptoms and re-evaluate your treatment goals.  We will modify and adjust our treatment plan as needed.  Our work together is meant to be time-limited.  I hope to give you tools that will help you reduce symptoms, maintain your treatment gains, and cope with new life events as they arise. 

Fees & Insurance

My rates are:


Intake assessment/60 minute sessions     $245

Regular 45 minute sessions                 $185


Fees are due at the time of service and may be paid by cash, check, or credit card (including flexible/health spending accounts).  Please discuss any financial concerns or considerations with me.


Please note that I am considered an "out of network" provider with insurance companies.  However, many insurance companies provide coverage for behavioral health services.  At your request, I will submit a claim on your behalf following each session to your insurance company.  They will reimburse you directly at the allowable rate for your specific plan.


I encourage you to contact your insurance provider prior to our first visit to learn more about your benefits.  Helpful questions to ask are:


What is the reimbursement rate for out-of-network providers?

Do I have a deductible for behavioral health services?

Is there are limit to the number of sessions approved for services?


Client Rights Under The No Surprises Act

In December 2020, the "No Surprises Act" (NSA) was enacted to provide billing protections for clients.  The notices below outline your rights specified in the NSA.  The document entitled "Self Pay NSA Notice" is most applicable to my practice.  We will review your "Good Faith Estimate" at the time of scheduling.


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